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Our 5 axis Mikron HSM600U is ideally suited to low to medium volume runs of small high-precision machined-from-solid components.

For castings and larger machined-from-solid components, our two capacious Mori Seiki SH8000 machining centres can be called into action.

Machining Centre Axes Loading method Maximum job size (mm)
2 x Mori Seiki SH8000 4+1 Robot loaded, suitable for cube, pallet and between centres work 1300 x 1200 x 1100
2 x Matsuura MAM 72 63V 5 Six pallet  ø620 x 450
Mori Seiki SH630 4 Twin palletø520 x 350 760 x 650 x 650
Mikron HSM600U Prod-Mod 5 Seven pallet 320 x 320 x 300
Mori Seiki MV50E 3 Manual 1300 x 550 x 400
Hardinge GS51 CNC lathe   Bar feed ø457 x 456 long
Matsuura MX-520 5 Robot load up to 60 pallets ø520 x 350
Various manual and semi-automatic lathes and mills


In addition to the equipment held at Ilmor in the UK, Ilmor Inc in the US have several new machines, which together make up a leading technology piston manufacturing cell.