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  • Quality and Inspection
  • Quality and Inspection
  • Quality and Inspection
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  • Quality and Inspection
  • Quality and Inspection

Quality and Inspection

Ilmor Engineering Ltd transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 Certification through TUV UK in 2018 which demonstrated our longstanding commitment to the quality of Ilmor’s products and customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2015 is a globally recognised standard that provides assurance about the ability of a company to satisfy quality requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships.

In 2013 Ilmor Manufacturing successfully achieved AS9100: 2009 accreditation for aerospace with TUV UK, this had required the QMS and the processes we operated to be totally restructured to comply with the increased requirements of the Aerospace Standard.

In 2019 the company was re-certified for AS9100: Revision D by SGS UK, this certifies us for the continued manufacturing of aerospace components.

Ilmor’s certification demonstrates adherence to documented quality processes and procedures that ensure ongoing improvements in the design, development, production and support of racing engines and other production applications requiring high precision engineering.

In keeping with our commitment to our quality standards the Ilmor inspection department has the very latest technology to ensure that the components we inspect, whether those of a client or our own racing parts, meet the tight tolerances and high quality demanded within the industry. This, coupled with our comprehensive record keeping and full traceability of parts, results in a mature and dependable quality system.

Our new temperature controlled inspection facility houses our three Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), 3d scanner and manual inspection equipment. The CMM’s are programmed in advance of new components arriving utilising a direct CAD interface, speeding up the Inspection Process and enabling us to productively use the CAD data generated by design engineers and making direct comparison between the theoretical model and the measured component. All inspection reports can be fully tailored to meet customer needs.

Inspection equipment

  • Hexagon DEA Global Performance 12.15.10 CMM with HP-S-X1H Scanning Head
  • Hexagon DEA Global Performance 9.12.8 CMM with HP-S-X1H Scanning Head
  • Hexagon DEA Global 7.5.5 CMM
  • 2 x PcDmis Off Line Stations
  • Hexagon Absolute Arm 85 with PcDmis Software
  • Wrap Reverse Engineering Package
  • Adcole for crank and cam measurement
  • Mahr Perthometer
  • Mahr roundness tester and surface measurement
  • Shadowgraph
  • Broad range of traditional inspection equipment