Concept & Design

Ilmor can provide solutions for all types of powertrains, from IC engines through to E-machines. Whether we are designing an individual component, a sub-system or a complete power unit, we have the expertise to create the most effective design possible.

Concept & Design

Compact, Lightweight &


Ilmor may be best known for our championship winning race engine, but we also undertake projects in Automotive, Marine and Aerospace sectors.

Creating compact, lightweight and high performance products is at the core of our business.

From Concept

To race winner

Our engineers are able to tailor their designs to suit the
individual application, whether this is fully performance
optimised part for motorsport or a more cost conscious OEM



The Design team work closely with the Simulation group to ensure all designs are analysed and optimised before release for manufacture.

To complement this Ilmor has a comprehensive metallurgical library of materials, heat treatments and surface treatments so the correct material can be selected for even the most demanding application.