Test & Development

We have extensive test facilities for evaluating and optimising the performance, mechanical design and durability of both ICE and Electric Powertrains.

IC Powertrain


A chevrolet engine


5 fully equipped IC Engine test cells:

• Up to 900kW and 20,000 rpm.
• Steady state and transient.
• Fully conditioned combustion air.
• Combustion analysis.
• Exhaust emissions analysis.

Typical Test Activities

• Performance development.
• Mechanical systems development.
• Calibration and Drivability
• Friction and lubricant testing
• Fuel testing, including synthetic or renewable fuels.
• Durability testing.

EV Powertrain


An engine within a physical testing environment


2 fully equipped e-axle test cells, each include:

• Twin dynamometers.
• Battery simulator.
• Power analyser.
• Fluid conditioning system.

Typical Test Activities

• System efficiency mapping.
• Drive cycle simulation.
• Gear shift.
• Friction and lubricant testing.
• Durability testing.

System/Component Rigs

Ilmor has a number of test rigs for evaluating components in isolation of the main power unit. These include:

  • Alternators and eMotors.

  • Valvetrain.

  • Ancillary pumps – water & oil etc.

  • Fuel system & injectors.

  • Spark plug & ignition coil.

  • Environmental cold chamber, -40 °C capable.