We have the expertise, the facilities and the speed to solve our client’s most pressing challenges and to make a big impact in whatever we do.

A man holding a mechanical part while simulating mechanical parts on a computer

Concept & Design

Creating compact, lightweight and high-performance products is at the core of what Ilmor does.

A man pointing to simulations on a computer with a physical engine prototype on the desk


Ilmor’s virtual laboratory enables complex engineering processes to be modelled, which underpins the design, development and optimisation processes.

A picture of the internal wiring of a mechanical piece

Electrical & Electronics

Our full-service capabilities include e-machine design and entire custom vehicle solutions.

An Ilmor employee working on an engine


Continuously updated with the latest machinery and CNC technology, our facility is able to provide services to the aerospace, motorsport and OEM sectors.

A man working on a Chevrolet engine


A key part of assuring the quality of our output, we build, strip, measure and inspect powertrains and eMotors in house.

A Chevrolet engine in a phsyical testing environment

Test & Development

We have extensive test facilities in order to evaluate the performance of our solutions and continuously be able to develop and optimize them.