Electrical & Electronics

At Ilmor, our electronic and electrical capabilities are vast. With decades of experience in the most competitive motorsports disciplines, we have the expertise and the facilities, to fulfil any client need. This includes deploying full vehicle solutions and integrating with existing systems.

Electrical & mechanical


We can assist with electrical and mechanical design, through to assembly using the DR25 system and Cirris testing. For new designs we can carry out full bench tests under realistic electrical loading. We also design and make sensors and actuators for harsh environments – these include electronic wastegates and controllers, turbo speed and throttle actuators.


We have the rare in-house ability to be able to provide an entire custom vehicle solution from the ground up. We can integrate existing products either from our product range or from external suppliers with whom we have long standing relationships. Depending on the client's needs, we can also customise or create components from scratch. Our existing product range includes fuel, ignition, turbo, throttle and e-machine controllers as well as CAN-based data acquisition nodes (both analogue and digital).

E-Mobility & Testing

We can provide a one-stop service from ground-up e-machine design, build, development and testing, through to associated electronics, software, validation and testing.

We have custom built test rigs for a number of applications. These include small e-motors, high voltage fuel injections, 30kV pressurised ignitions, as well as high precision fuel injector flow testing and alternator dynamic testing. We have several more and can develop custom rigs for most applications.

A man holding a mechanical part while simulating mechanical parts on a computer


Our experience in Simulink coding most third-party platforms has meant we have built up a library of software functions that can meet most motorsport needs whilst minimising development cost. We are also highly experienced in lower-level embedded coding and can create high performance oriented custom software solutions based around our in-house processor platforms.